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"He's the sun god."- Percy Jackson

birthday graphic

happy birthday murray!

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"My sweet apple dumpling strawberry shortcake mini Hersey kiss travel sized light of my li—" —Last words of Thalia Grace


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you did not break me
i’m still fighting for peace
i’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart
but your blade it might be too sharpx | art by viria

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Pjo/hoo ladies. Just now remembering that I forgot Clarisse and Silena.

The boys are next.

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I have a headcanon that Piper is really short and she gets annoyed when she realizes it. So she likes the Hades Siblings because they haven’t had their growth spurts yet.

But they will eventually grow taller though. XD

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annabeth insists that i make that face… i don’t make that face. that is not my face. 

send me your favorite percabeth moment (click the menu button in the top left corner to get to my ask box!) and i will share them… and maybe annabeth will join me! 

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Is someone missing here? Like uhm, Francis? Franny? Oh..Frank D:
Shame on me, poor Frank I forgot you *cries*

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I’ve been in some serious art block lately and it’s getting me really mad….

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