“I was never really the coordinated, athletic guy. I always made short films and shit like that growing up… Other kids played sports, other kids did drugs. We made movies, basically—horror movies, comedies—just spontaneous little creations that came out of 14-year-olds with nothing to do.”

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I liked how the request sketch I did of Reyna and annabeth turned out, so here’s another slefie to add to the series! I think I might have to make a tag for the selfies since people seem to like them so much :)

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Leo Valdez #12

I miss drawing this guy! Blood of Olympus is just around the corner, what will happen then? This is for broseidon-god-of-the-broceans,

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Besides, we’re a team, you and me. x/x

dedicated to duda (letterstopercyjackson

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You’re my sister, too. You deserve another chance.”

art by minuiko

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"You should be able to do what you want to do and be who you want to be and not worry so much about conformity."

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I’m a quiet guy. I don’t really give away too much about my personal life. I don’t think actors should be bigger than their movies; I think it’s distracting.

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Sea of Monsters: Stills

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percy bursts out laughing in a most disrespectful manner at the worst of times.

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