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annabeth insists that i make that face… i don’t make that face. that is not my face. 

send me your favorite percabeth moment (click the menu button in the top left corner to get to my ask box!) and i will share them… and maybe annabeth will join me! 

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Is someone missing here? Like uhm, Francis? Franny? Oh..Frank D:
Shame on me, poor Frank I forgot you *cries*

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I’ve been in some serious art block lately and it’s getting me really mad….

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I was just really in the mood to draw some sweather-weather Annabeth Chase •u•

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cool and ass-kicking like always x3

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Stupid dorks

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headcanon where Leo gets a copy of Avatar: The Last Airbender and starts saying “Flameo, hotman!” constantly.

Percy cracks first.

this was much funnier at 3am when I thought of it

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"Wouldn’t it surprise you to learn that the whole thing was Zeus’s fault?"

—An extremely loaded statement made by Percy Jackson (via percabooty)

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demigods + the periodic table (insp) / art x x x

moment of silence for Leo and Hazel’s names

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